The collection is a story celebrating the modern woman. Meg Parry Studio plays with cool, clean silhouettes and romantic yet functional details.

All fabrications and fastenings within the garments are carefully selected to ensure breathability, durability, comfort and easy care.  With a brand philosophy on mindfulness, Meg Parry Studio consciously designs garments where waste is negligible and manufacturing is ethical.

A core value of the brand is usability; the garments are to intrigue the mind with thoughtful design. The Original Snap Bag is one of the main interchangeable accessories of the collection, which can be swiftly fastened onto various garments for practicality and versatility. The bag when folded, transforms in scale and function, adapting to the wearer’s style.

The characteristics throughout the trans-seasonal collection aim to challenge the wearer’s perspective and how they see themselves. By allowing people options within a garment, their perspective is instantly challenged, encouraged and excited.

Nostalgic details such as topstitching and belt loops are reminiscent of 1970’s work wear. The clean lines of pocket details intend to evoke a sense of practicality, highlighting the importance of versatile clothing to accommodate the modern woman’s lifestyle.

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